Monday, February 13, 2012

A Four-Step Plan

While I am a creative writer and relish in the creative process, I have found the necessity of having a plan for my writing.  To earn any type of money through writing, a plan is essential.  Part of my new E-Publishing 101 class will features details of how to put a plan together. Here's a sneak peek:

Success at e-publishing requires a plan.  These 4 steps are a great way to help organize a plan for your own road to success:

1. Have a goal.  Without a goal, you will not have a focus and without focus, your dream can die.  Whether you prefer making a long-term goal, or a series of short-term goals, a goal is vitally important to your success.

2. Have a set of principles by which you operate.  This is helpful in deciding which projects you will undertake, how you will invoice, and payment options you will agree to. A set of principles protects you from being taken advantage of, from taking on more than you can handle and even from taking on things that will ultimately compromise your time, energy and/or family obligations.

3. Have a written business plan.  I can't emphasize this one enough.  A business plan is vital. It can change daily if you need it to, but having a written plan will help you keep your focus, help you remember your goals and help you stay on task. Create a plan, write it down and keep it where you can see it at all times.

4. Have a network.  Not one of us is an island.  Without others, we will disappear.  Establish a network through which you can receive and give feedback,  Whether you choose a group of friends, social networks, a formal group of writers or just a bunch of guys you get together with for coffee, get a network going and keep your writing active within that network.

There's your sneak preview for today!
Keep writing.

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