Monday, February 27, 2012

What's So Important About Grammar?

Did you know grammar is vitally important to your writing?  Good grammar is essential to good writing. If you never want to have your work published, then good grammar won't matter. But, if you're looking to get published or sell books via self-publishing, good grammar is a must.

Grammar Girl can help you out with this. Follow her famous blag to get the best tips and the latest grammar information so your writing can be the best it can be!

If you plan to self-publish, or e-publish, hiring a viable editor is essential.

Remember, when writing for publication, you are not writing for yourself; you are writing for the reader.  Keeping the reader in mind through using proper grammar goes far in helping sell your work. I've compiled a list of some things good grammar accomplishes for your writing:

Good grammar:

  • Keeps your writing fluid
  • Prevents the reader from backtracking
  • Keeps your thoughts organized for the reader
  • Frees the reader to concentrate on your plot
  • Gives you credibility as a writer
In closing, good grammar can't be replaced with clever antics.  But, keep in mind that good grammar is always trumped by dialog, so opening lines such as you find in "The Color Purple" ("You better not never tell nobody but God")  are fine to use, as long as the story, itself, is written in proper grammar.

Get to know Grammar Girl; she's a great help, or get a copy of a high school English book to remind you of the grammar and punctuation rules so your writing will be at its best!


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