Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As Amanda Hocking said......

"Ascend has ascended!"  Her newest book is here in the US, in bookstores today.

I recommend Ascend even if it's not in your genre of interest because it is selling and if you want to write for publication, you need to pay attention to what's selling.  This does not mean you have to abandon your own genre and write out of your comfort zone, it simply means further education for you, keeping on top of the market and learning from another writer.

Amanda was just like the rest of us, taking a writing class to see what she could learn about writing, overcoming obstacles to getting published and e-publishing.  You, too, can see success with your writing.  Even if buying her book is not in your budget, head to the bookstore and browse through a copy.

Way to go, Amanda!


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  1. I agree Tricia- way to go! It's great to see Amanda's dreams come true.