Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Consider Article Writing

Even if you are a novelist, consider writing articles.  Articles are quick, short and can be broadly disbursed to give you a wide exposure more quickly than a book.  Still write your books, but add articles to your portfolio. Some benefits of article writing include:

  • Articles can be used to introduce your books and other writings.
  • Articles are easily written.
  • You can cover a wide variety of topics in your articles.
  • Articles vary in size, giving the writer endless marketing possibilities.
  • You might be more likely to find an agent willing to take a chance on you if you've published a good number of articles.
  • Article writing expands your writing resume.
  • Article writing shows your full talent as a writer without a huge time commitment from the reader.
  • Articles can introduce you to a wider audience.
  • Articles are great promotional items.
Tonight is the first meeting of a new writer's group I'm facilitating. I hope to write an article about our first meeting and the group in general!



  1. Trish, went great last night. I followed up on your advice and am Linkedin . . . haven't figured out why yet but I continue on my social networking via social media.

  2. Yes, it was great last night! Good for you for following up on the social media blitz. The "why" is just this: Social media is where the people are and it's 100% people who buy our books/writings. If the people shift to any other venue, there we go!