Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interest - It's up to YOU

I have a news flash for you writers out there.  The world is not automatically interested in your writing.  I know, I know, how can they not be?  But, it's true.  Any and all interest has to be generated - by YOU!  You are passionate about your writing.  Your family might be interested.  Your friends might show an interest for a while. But, you hold the passion, which becomes the key to getting published.  Generating interest in your writing is up to you.  Tips to generate interest:

  • Keep your passion strong.  The best way to keep your passion strong is to keep writing.
  • Talk it up.  Talk about what you've written to family, friends, colleagues, etc. Your passion will come through as you talk it up.  Most of us talk about what we are passionate about. Our writing is no exception to that truth.
  • Write often.  Blog often. Keep your writings out there, as fresh and new as you possibly can.
  • Link. Link. Link.  Every time you blog, link that blog to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Keep your writings front and center as much as you can by linking everything you write to everything else you do online. Be sure you are well connected and keep your name out there.
  • Keep your target audience in mind at all times.  Who are you writing to?  Picture them as you blog; hook them in with teasers by doing content writing, giving them snippets of what's to come, creating curiosity and interest one blog post at a time.
  • Read other blogs in your line of interest.  I often springboard off another blog or article I read. I recently did that with my Tuesday Theology blog in a post about motherhood, my first and most important job. I linked the original blog, which prompted my blog post, in a couple of places in my blog post so that it is more likely to be found in a search engine.
  • Learn SEO - Search Engine Optimization - techniques.  I will be spending time on this in my upcoming E-Publishing 101 class next month.  It's crucial, valuable information which can launch your writing into a larger audience pool.
These tips will get you started.
Happy Writing!

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