Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Best Informative Article I've Read in a While

I"ve been away.  Another of my wonderful sons - I have five altogether - has graduated college and we made the trip to Iowa to attend his graduation.  Kudos to him!  He got engaged the same day!

Forbes Magazine online had published this article last December (2011), but if you have not seen or read this, do so now.  Much of the information I've been teaching in my Community Education Writing Classes is the same as what this article states, and I did not read it ahead of time!  Those of us who study this market, whether we are "small beans" like myself or something as large and influential as Forbes, know this information to be vitally important to our own success as writers and e-publishers.

I suggest you read and study this article - all 4 pages of it - as though you will be tested on it!

My upcoming class, E-Publishing 101, will cover these concepts in more detail.


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