Thursday, May 24, 2012

Embrace the Power!

The power of the written word.  As writers, we already know the power of the written word, hence, we write. When we write something down, it changes it. The changes are remarkable when you stop to analyze them. My students have already heard this, but perhaps a reader out there hasn't.  Let me tell you a little story.

Picture yourself as a committee member.  You are asked to serve on a committee for something you are very passionate about.  Actually, you might have been asked to serve because of your passion.   So, the committee chairman calls a meeting and in anticipation of that meeting, you write out some ideas you've had for the committee.  As the meeting day approaches, you decide to share those ideas with the other committee members, so you type them up and make copies.

When meeting time comes, you are eager to share your ideas, and other committee members are eager to hear and share ideas, as well.  You will find that if no one else took the time to write their ideas down, your ideas are much more likely to be used and incorporated into the committee.

Because they are written down.
Because, in written form, they become a tangible item in someone's hands.
Because it's harder to argue against a written word than a spoken one.

Writing it down - whatever it is - changes it.

As you write, don't forget the power your words have.  Embrace the power. Use the power wisely.  But, always write from your heart.


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