Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just Think

Sometimes, I just need to think.  Life is busy, praise God, and time to think is a sweet luxury. This weekend, I am home almost alone....just myself and my 18-year-old daughter.  My hubby took my two teenage sons on a father/son retreat, leaving us girls here alone and I've actually had time to think.

As a writer, especially, I need thinking time.  So far, the results of my thinking are:

1) I thought of a title for an article I've been wanting to write for a while,
2) I thought of an approach to a chapter in a book I'm writing,
3) I thought of a way to approach a rather sensitive subject without tossing blame directly onto certain people by name.
4) I thought of doing this blog post.

So, my thinking has been very productive so far.

Writers, do you take time to think?  I grab every opportunity I have to do some serious thinking about my writing goals.  For me, it's important to keep my goals in front of me as it makes me more likely to work to fulfill them.

Thinking is a huge part of the pre-writing process for me.  I have thought and thought on certain articles for a couple of months. When I finally sit down to write the articles, it takes all of 20 - 30 minutes and I'm done!  And these usually sell.  The thinking did the work for me.

Just think.