Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pay Attention, Save Money

It's a well-known fact that no one can fully edit their own work.  As I teach writing and advise my students, I always recommend hiring an independent editor, especially if not working with a publishing house.  Many of my students have chosen e-publishing and independent editors are a must for any e-publisher.  But, many people avoid hiring independent editors due to the cost involved. Their work, along with their credibility as a writer, suffers as a result.

But, there are some ways you can save money on editing.  The number one way is to pay attention to your word processor.  Modern word processing programs all have built-in grammar and spelling alerts. Paying attention to them and using them will save you money on editing costs.  Why pay an editor to do what a word processor will do automatically?  All you have to do is pay attention.  For example, when Word puts a green squiggly line under a word or sentence, pay attention.  It's highly likely your grammar is off.  When you see a red squiggly line, you have a misspelled word.  Even Blogger does this now! Get to know your word processor and all its features, and use them.

Another way to save money on editing is to think outside the box.  I've made bartering deals with people who needed my editing services. That's an option for you, too.

Edit before you hire an editor.  Let your work sit for a few days, go back to it and read it through with a critical eye, editing along the way.  Do as much as you can before you hire the rest out.  Read your work out loud to yourself as this gives you a new perspective and allows you to see what you might not see otherwise.

Pay attention.
Edit before hiring editing.
Save money.


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