Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Enticement of Blank Paper

I love a blank piece of paper.  I love a blank computer screen.  The blankness is enticing to me because it's a clean slate, representing a new beginning each and every time I sit down to write.  For me, it goes something like this:

1. As I go about my day, I'm constantly thinking.
2. This thinking leads to ideas.
3. These ideas lead to my desire to voice them.
4. My desire to voice them leads me to my paper or computer.
5. The paper or computer screen are blank......which is, to me, an invitation to write.
6. An invitation to write brings on an avalanche of writing, much of which I never even print or publish!

Thus, you can see why a blank paper or computer screen is so enticing to me.  My days are busy with my large family and that means there are days when finding time to write is challenging.

What about you? Does a blank paper or screen excite or intimidate you?  Do you feel overwhelmed by it or eager to get started?

Think about your writing style, define it for yourself and hone it as necessary.
Have fun!
And write!

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