Sunday, October 14, 2012

Changing Plans

Sometimes the best laid plans get side-tracked. What's a writer to do when that happens?

Keep writing, of course!

My plans have been side-tracked this fall.  My original plan was to offer my regular Writing for Publication and E-Publishing classes through Community Education through the school districts in which I was already offering the classes, expand to an additional school district and also begin offering an online writing course. Also, my local Community Education Office had offered to give me a "Featured Instructor" page in their fall booklet, complete with a bio and an expansion on the success of my classes. This success, of course, started with Amanda Hocking and her launch into e-publishing.

But, this year, my plans were side-tracked. Instead of teaching my regular classes, we are moving, relocating to another part of the country.  Because our move is pending, I could not commit to any of my classes and had to turn down my local district's offer to be a "Featured Instructor."

So, as I advise all my writing students when hitting an obstacle, I kept writing!  And I kept networking.  And I met some new people.

And I'm excited to say that my writing classes have more opportunity than ever, even though I thought things were totally side-tracked.  Being side-tracked has opened up new opportunities!  I'm excited about the move and what it's bringing with it.

A few pointers if your writing goals get side-tracked:

Keep writing.
Nothing will derail your writing faster than not writing. Whether you publish during a time of transition or not, keep writing to stay fresh, remain in practice and be ready to go when you are in a position to move your writing forward when the dust settles on your situation.

Continue to set new goals for your writing.
Setting continual new goals for your writing is important at any time, but especially during times of transition, waiting and change. New goals keep you motivated, fresh and aware of the ever-changing writing and publishing world.

Treat your writing as serious business.
Even though I'm packing, still homeschooling my two youngest sons, driving three kids around to their various activities, and organizing for a major move, I still carve out time for my writing every single day.  It's a priority and my family understands and appreciates that, so they've learned to have respect for my need to write.  Because I take my writing seriously, so do they.

More on our move when things are solidified!
Happy writing through all life's transitions!

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