Thursday, November 29, 2012

Learning by Doing

No doubt, indie writers like myself - and perhaps you - learn as we go. This morning I read this article which walks through the writing/publishing process of one indie writer and describes her struggles along the way. The article, The Woes, Fears and Promises of an Expectant Writer is full of insights and the decisions the author has faces, and still does face, as she seeks to get her writing published. We can all learn from reading this article; she has a lot of good information in there.

One thing I admire about this author, Nancy LaRonda Johnson, is that, after due consideration, she opted out of vanity publishing. As tempting as it is, she saw through it and went with self-publishing. Another thing I admire is the fact that she is writing and publishing continually, including articles. It's important to keep ourselves out there, visible, with more to share than a book or two. Even prominent authors whose works sell well have taken to blogging. They know to keep writing and to write often.

Here's to you, your writing endeavors and the woes, fears and promises you experience! Keep at it, publish wherever you can, stay focused and write.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Fail Your Way to Success!

I put this quote up on my Total Writer Facebook Page last night: 

From my Writing for Publication class:

Get Ready to Fail
Every writer fails. While that might not be the first thing you expected to hear, I want to be very direct and honest with you on this: As a writer, you will fail. You will likely fail many times. Get used to it and plow through it. The best thing to do about your failure as a writer is to keep writing. Soon, with continued writing, you will spin failure into success. Even Dr. Seuss failed in the beginning! He kept writing. So should you.

I thought here, on my blog, I'd expand just a bit. The information given above is taking directly out of my Writing for Publication class. 
If you investigate just a little, you will discover that the vast majority of authors saw failure before they saw success. Check out this list below............all these authors failed with their writing at one time or another:

J K Rowling
Steven King
Amanda Hocking
Danielle Steele
Kathryn Stockett
Theodore Seuss Geisel
John Grisham
John Steinbeck

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. 
Keep writing.

Don't let failure slow you down. When Amanda Hocking took my class, she told me how she kept writing even though she was getting rejected right and left. She found the key to success.............keep writing! By the time the publishers realized what they were passing up, she had become an internet sensation and they couldn't compete for her fast enough!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Review of a Book Review

This morning, I ran across this blog post and was completely captivated by this book review and showcasing of this book. The blog is Turtleandrobot and offers up a book review like no other I've seen before. More importantly, the book they reviewed is like no other I've seen before. What a great concept! What an innovative way to write a book!

The Black Book of Colors is the book featured and just looking at the Amazon sample opens up an entirely new reading experience.  Kudos to Menena Cottin, the author, Rosana Faria, the illustrator and Elisa Amado, the translator for a thoroughly innovative book that will surely change the lives of many, the seeing and the blind.

Check out the blog post. Be prepared to be blown away.

Study this and allow what you see to influence your own writing.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Book, A New Venture

As the mom of eight kids, I do know a thing or two about potty training. My new short e-book, How to Not Potty Train Your Kids (The Lazy Mom's Guide to all Things Potty)  tells how I remained a relatively lazy mom, yet managed to have all my kids doing the potty thing independently at a reasonable age.

My youngest son is my model for the cover.  I generally use my own photography in my books and this one is no exception.

If you have kids or even grandkids facing this life-challenge, this book might be of help, or at least encouragement.  It might make you laugh in a couple of places!

Writers, take note of the small size of this e-book. It's something you can put together in a weekend. Write short e-books about what you know, publish them to Kindle Direct Publishing and see what happens. This one was uploaded and live on Amazon within hours!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Building Momentum - Keep it Going!

As an independent "indee" writer, I'm fully aware of the fact that I have to create and keep my own momentum going. How do you build your momentum?  How do you keep it going?  Mostly, I write because I have something to say. I currently have four different blogs, this one being my most professional.  My other blogs represent other areas of my life, be it theologycooking or crafting. I am also considering starting a photography blog as my interest in photography (and my related awards) is growing.

A few things I do to keep my momentum going might help you, too.

Write.  Even if I'm writing for writing's sake, I write. I don't publish everything I write. I don't publish a blog post every day, but I write every day. Writing, even for yourself, is a great way to keep your momentum going.

Publish. Whether you publish what you write as a facebook note or a blog, publish often. Search the internet for publishing outlets you have not previously used.  One of my favorites is Ezine Articles. I publish on there from time to time to keep my momentum going, keep my name out there and keep myself sharp and fresh.

Branch Out. Branching out from your normal writing avenues is a great way to challenge yourself in new areas. Write a "how to" article and submit it to an article hub. Submit information to Wikipedia. Start a new blog. There are many, many more things you can do to branch out. You won't be sorry. Stretching your talent will increase your talent. You'll just get better and better.

Talk it Up.  Word of mouth is still the best way to spread the word about your writings. Talk to friends, co-workers, relatives, restaurant servers, etc.  Talk it up and watch it expand. Keep everything current in social's moving fast and has a momentum all its own. Take full advantage of its momentum.

Never Fear.  Fear is probably the biggest obstacle to writing and publishing. I know fear and how it can stop you, make you hesitate and be extremely intimidating. But, once you get in the practice of working through you fears, you will find them easier and easier to overcome.

Celebrate Accomplishments.  Last week, I got a check in the mail for one article I sold, word from my editor that she was buying another and sold some of my Kindle books online! I celebrated all these accomplishments, which motivated me to write more.  I'm fully aware that to get another check in the mail, I need to keep writing. Results are motivating.

Momentum = a good thing.