Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Review of a Book Review

This morning, I ran across this blog post and was completely captivated by this book review and showcasing of this book. The blog is Turtleandrobot and offers up a book review like no other I've seen before. More importantly, the book they reviewed is like no other I've seen before. What a great concept! What an innovative way to write a book!

The Black Book of Colors is the book featured and just looking at the Amazon sample opens up an entirely new reading experience.  Kudos to Menena Cottin, the author, Rosana Faria, the illustrator and Elisa Amado, the translator for a thoroughly innovative book that will surely change the lives of many, the seeing and the blind.

Check out the blog post. Be prepared to be blown away.

Study this and allow what you see to influence your own writing.


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