Monday, November 19, 2012

Fail Your Way to Success!

I put this quote up on my Total Writer Facebook Page last night: 

From my Writing for Publication class:

Get Ready to Fail
Every writer fails. While that might not be the first thing you expected to hear, I want to be very direct and honest with you on this: As a writer, you will fail. You will likely fail many times. Get used to it and plow through it. The best thing to do about your failure as a writer is to keep writing. Soon, with continued writing, you will spin failure into success. Even Dr. Seuss failed in the beginning! He kept writing. So should you.

I thought here, on my blog, I'd expand just a bit. The information given above is taking directly out of my Writing for Publication class. 
If you investigate just a little, you will discover that the vast majority of authors saw failure before they saw success. Check out this list below............all these authors failed with their writing at one time or another:

J K Rowling
Steven King
Amanda Hocking
Danielle Steele
Kathryn Stockett
Theodore Seuss Geisel
John Grisham
John Steinbeck

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. 
Keep writing.

Don't let failure slow you down. When Amanda Hocking took my class, she told me how she kept writing even though she was getting rejected right and left. She found the key to success.............keep writing! By the time the publishers realized what they were passing up, she had become an internet sensation and they couldn't compete for her fast enough!


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