Thursday, November 29, 2012

Learning by Doing

No doubt, indie writers like myself - and perhaps you - learn as we go. This morning I read this article which walks through the writing/publishing process of one indie writer and describes her struggles along the way. The article, The Woes, Fears and Promises of an Expectant Writer is full of insights and the decisions the author has faces, and still does face, as she seeks to get her writing published. We can all learn from reading this article; she has a lot of good information in there.

One thing I admire about this author, Nancy LaRonda Johnson, is that, after due consideration, she opted out of vanity publishing. As tempting as it is, she saw through it and went with self-publishing. Another thing I admire is the fact that she is writing and publishing continually, including articles. It's important to keep ourselves out there, visible, with more to share than a book or two. Even prominent authors whose works sell well have taken to blogging. They know to keep writing and to write often.

Here's to you, your writing endeavors and the woes, fears and promises you experience! Keep at it, publish wherever you can, stay focused and write.


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  1. Thank you, Tricia. This is an encouraging piece. I know that so many of us go down this same trail, but get off at different junctures. I try and share the directions I'm going. Sometimes I've learned from others, while other times it's all on my own. As I share my stories, and read others, the Indie Writer will take over the world with the best books out there!

    Thanks again for passing this along.