Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Writing Well = A Learned Skill

Writers are simply people with something to say. Do you have something to say? Learn to say it well and you will see success. While some people have more talent than others, good writing does not just magically happen. If that were the case, we would never need editors. Good writing is a skill which can be learned by anyone with something to say.

A few tips for "good writing" include:

*Pay attention to grammar. It matters

*Pay attention to punctuation. It matters.

*Never write sarcasm. It comes across ugly and makes you look small. Sarcasm does not work for the written word unless it's used to develop a character.

*Less is enough. There is no need to embellish your writing. What you have to say is enough, so keep it simple and direct.

*Be real. Readers recognize a fraud instantly, so it's vitally important to keep your writing real and honest. If your writings are fraudulent, or any part of your self-presentation is fraudulent, readers simply won't come back for more.

*Remember that writing something down changes it. This fact makes each word vitally important and weight-carrying. Proceed with caution, but by all means, proceed.

These are my tips for today.
Happy writing!
Write well!

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