Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Preview, An Excerpt

My new book, Writing for Publication (Book 1) will be available via Kindle and Kindle apps by the end of this week! I'm excited to have made this much progress since we're in the process of moving. Here's an excerpt from the book, a teaser:

There are specific keys to overcoming the inevitable failure of being a writer. These few ideas can have a huge impact on your writing, and on your success as a writer. 

        Appreciate your own talent. If you know you are a good writer and you have something valid to say, appreciate that in yourself. Self appreciation comes across to others as confidence. Appreciating and having confidence in your talent is not boastful or prideful, it’s honest and real.
        Don’t let rejection slow you down. Realize and accept that rejection is part of the job of writing for publication. If you accept this, it will not surprise you when it happens. It’s a given, par for the course. It truly cannot be avoided. What you need to do is file the rejection away and keep writing without missing a beat.
       Keep writing. Famed author Amanda Hocking did this.  When she took my class, she had a thick file of rejection letters and they kept coming even during the time she took the class. What did Amanda do as a result?  She wrote more books.  By the time she self-published, then e-published, she had 17 finished books. Now, because of her e-publishing success, she is an international sensation with book and movie deals that scream her success.  She started out failing.  She kept writing. She saw success. That’s a simple formula. It will work for you, too.

      Much more to come!

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