Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Revision, Revision, Revision

Revision is a necessary tool for successful writing. We write, we edit, we revise. Then, we revise again. And again. And again.

Sometimes, our content needs less revision than our title, however. This was the case with my new e-book, Writing for Publication.  I wrote, edited, revised, had an outside editor look at it, revised again, rewrote part of it and updated other parts. After all that was done, I created a title page, using my own photography as I always do on my e-books, and uploaded the project to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I waited a couple of days, then did a search for my e-book. Clicking through to page five in the list of books on writing, mine simply did not show up. I gave it another day. Nothing. My e-book still did not show up in any searches!

So, I had to rethink my project and revise once again.  This time, revision involved my title and book cover. I spent a little time searching for writing e-books and made notes on what was showing up in searches. My original title, Writing for Publication, was buried in medical writings and newspaper column advice. I didn't check past page five because page five is deeply buried enough on Amazon to know it was never going to be found through a general search.

My new title, Write, then Publish. Today. with the subtitle (A Guide to Writing for Publication) has shown a much better search result. I'm glad I revised the presentation and title. It was work. It took time. But, it was necessary to make sure my e-book was easy for readers to find. I created a new picture by revising my original one, too.

Revise. Revise. Revise.
You will never be sorry you did!

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