Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Book Review, A Suggestion

Today, I'm reviewing a book for you and making the suggestion that you buy it. This book, Rainbows in the Storms, is by a friend of mine and it's the poignant story of a young wife and mother of four who faces the terminal illness and subsequent death of her beloved husband and father of her children. The author, Ann Asprey Erdmann, tells how each and every step of his illness affected her and their family as they journeyed through the storms that rolled over them again and again.

I was privileged to be one of her first editors and, let me tell you, this young woman is the real deal. Any time I told her that the message of God's power in seeing them through was not coming out in her writing, she was willing to change it up until it told the story right. The story is heart-wrenching, yet filled with hope. This hope is only found through God and His saving grace through Jesus Christ. That is the author's clear message and clearly the message of her husband, even as he lay dying.

I recommend this book. You will see how one young family not only survived the storms that swelled up around them, but how they thrived even while staring down the ultimate enemy - death.

Ann's willingness to take what some might consider harsh criticism has allowed her story to shine and be a beacon to others looking for hope. What if she had not listened? What if she had not been willing to take criticism and dug in her heels instead? She was not afraid to take criticism, not afraid to hire an editor and do it right and not afraid to face anything that came her way as she sought to tell her story in the best way possible.

Kudos to Ann for getting her book published!
Kudos for her humble spirit!
Kudos for her ultimate desire to honor God through all her writings!

Writers, learn from her. Take criticism. Hire editors. Work hard.


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