Friday, June 21, 2013

E-Publishing and You

Did you know that even established authors are e-publishing? They blog. They publish e-books. They vlog. They are smart to do so. I wanted to share a few observations about e-publishing and how it can impact your writing.

* E-Publishing puts the decision to read what you write into the hands of the public. 

No longer do writers have to depend on a publisher to get their writing out there. The public gets to decide. Famed author Amanda Hocking is a good example of this. She sat in my writing class and showed us her countless rejection letters. No one would publish her writings. So, she took to e-publishing and more than 2 million people said yes to her writings by downloading her e-books! THEN the publishing houses started paying attention to Amanda Hocking and now she has both book and movie deals. The public decided.

* E-Publishing lets an author earn credibility while giving their name more exposure.

Ree Drummand, The Pioneer Woman, started her blog to share a drastic change in her life: going from city living to be the wife of a rancher. Her blog became so popular that she ended up with a cooking show on The Food Network! She has cookbooks, an active blog and has even gained some credibility as a photographer. All through her original blogging efforts.

*E-Publishing increases earning potential.

You can earn money writing blogs for yourself, ghost writing for others, writing and publishing "how-to" books. You can channel those earnings into public speaking about what you've done, earning more. You can earn more through guest blogging, blog partying, affiliate advertising and many more avenues. 

E-Publishing is for you.
E-Publishing is for every writer.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Write

I write. I am a writer. I write all the time, daily actually. Most of what I write does not get published, but I write anyway.

Sometimes I write and find it therapeutic, as is the case with my book, Victory Over Violence.

Sometimes I write because something so deeply touched me that I have to put it down on paper, as with my book, Tears in a Bottle.

Other times, I write because I have information that I think others will find helpful, like in my book, How to Not Potty Train Your Kids.

I write for many reasons. When stuff happens in my life, I write about it. When stuff happens around me, I write about it. When I feel passionate about something, I write about it. When I feel silly, I write.

I've written songs, poems, books, short stories, Bible studies, a memoir, silliness, doctrine and kids' stories. I don't publish all my writings, but I write them just the same. I mostly write non-fiction, but am working on a few fiction projects and finding it interesting to say the least.

Reading my old, unpublished writings helps me improve my writing. Sometimes, I'll read through old writings only to be thankful I never sought to have them published. Other times, I read through them and wonder why I didn't have them published....then I sell them to an editor/publisher and get paid.

Writers write.
I am a writer.
I write.
What about you?