Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reading to Write

FACT: Reading improves our writing.

What are you reading this summer? I'll give you my list:

*The Heart of the Matter by Frank Hamrick is an older book, but deals with targeting people's hearts instead of their behavior. Aimed at Christian school, it's a great read for anyone in Christian leadership.

*Alaska Bound, One man's dream....One woman's nightmare by Tammy Jones is a true-life account of an Alaskan adventure as told by a woman who lived it. I have not yet read this book, so it's risky to put it on my list here, but the title and description so intrigued me that I had to do a Kindle download asap. I'm looking forward to starting this one!

*Baby Dust, A Novel about Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss by Deanna Roy is just what the title suggests. I chose this book because I, too, suffered the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage. I totally love the title, Baby Dust, since it sums up the magnitude of this type of loss for those of us who have lost babies.

Those are my three prominent reads this summer. I have others on my "to read" list.
What are you reading?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Inspires You?

I get inspired to write no matter where I am. I can have a conversation with someone at the grocery store and get inspired to write an article, title or even an entire book. A wait in the doctor's office often inspires an idea. I can get motivated to write while listening to a good sermon - and while listening to a bad sermon.

Many of these writings never see publication, but that doesn't dissuade me from writing. I write volumes, making notes and writing down ideas every day.

Get inspired. Look around you and make mental notes on what's happening. Stay inspired. Write.