Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Colors

I prefer to think of Monday as a blank slate to a new week with new opportunities. This morning, my opportunities were very limited. Our power went out. No explanation, no fanfare....but no power. Then our water began to be very slow until.....oops! No water! No power, no water. Ok, then. What is a girl to do? My kids, one by one, came downstairs asking about the lack of power. "The power went out..." was all I could say.

Fortunately, my laptop's battery was fully charged so I wasn't completely without access to the great Google machine. Upon "Googling" outages for our area, I discovered that our great electricians were already aware of our plight and were sending a crew. Only 10 houses were affected, but it grew to 14 in the next hour.

My blank-slate Monday turned out to have a slow start due to the lack of power and water. But, I must say, I'm back on track now and busy updating my website, making notes on new e-book projects and back in my writing saddle!

So, instead of the Monday Blues, I'm going to think in Monday Colors and be productive anyway.

Oh, and the power is back on so all is well, even on a Monday.

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