Thursday, October 3, 2013

You Have to Write It

These are wise words: You have to write it. I was recently reading this article by Ellen Rohr about starting a business and her first words of advice are, "You have to write it." She was referring to people who attempt to start a business but have all their plans in their head. She says that writing it down makes it real.

I have been giving this advice to my writing students for years! When you write it down, it changes it.

Writing it down makes it official. Picture yourself being chosen for a committee. You love what the committee is about and you pour your time and energy coming up with a plan for the committee. At your first committee meeting, you pass your plans out to the others...the plans you have written down. Because it's highly unlikely anyone else wrote down a plan, it's equally likely that your plan will be used. Why? Because it was written down. Official looking. Official sounding. Written down.

Writing it down helps you be objective because you can go back and read it later and either see that it was not a good idea, see that it's still a great idea or see that it needs some work but is doable. Writing it down does all that - and more - for you.

So, whatever you're doing, planning, thinking of or striving for, write it down. Make it official. Become objective. Succeed.

This is good advice.

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