Thursday, November 7, 2013

Have a Book to Sell? Blog About It!

It is no secret that blogging helps sell books. Even the most prolific authors of our day have blogs, including Amanda HockingDanielle Steele, Stephenie Meyer and many others.

I recently met a young woman who said she was a writer. Immediately, I asked her for her blog address and she said she did not have a blog. It turned out she was afraid to blog because she was afraid of criticism. She was afraid that someone might read the blog, disagree with her about something, then criticize. I tried to tell her that she can control all comments on her blog and that if someone posts a negative comment, she can simply remove it. But, the idea of being criticized was too much for her and she shrugged it off. I felt bad for her and encouraged her to think about blogging, even if it's just about a hobby she has.

Blogging is becoming necessary to writing success. It's a fearful thing even for some established authors, but, most take the plunge and are always so very glad they did. When I blog about my books, I sell more books. That's pretty simple, really.

Are you blogging? If not, why not?

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