Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Good Book = Good Company

When one of my sons was seven years old, he got very sick. He was not only lethargic and not hungry, he was also hot with fever and broke out with a very red rash. A trip to the pediatrician revealed what I had suspected: Scarlet Fever. The poor kid was miserable. I felt terrible for him, but knew just the thing he needed, besides the medicine the doctor prescribed and lots of fluids. He needed a good book!

I found several books from The Box Car series and he was hooked, spending the long, sick hours reading. He hardly realized how quickly the time passed while he waited out this disease. Later, he said to me, "Mom, a good book can sure keep a guy company!"

I've never forgotten this little lesson. Write well. You might be keeping someone company sooner than you think!

Happy Writing!

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