Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Day My Writing Changed

I never thought of myself as a writer. I wrote as a child, but that didn't translate into writing for anyone other than myself. I did the mandatory writing in school and always got good grades on what I wrote, but that didn't translate into becoming a writer. I wrote, however, a lot. I did far more than just the mandatory writing my teachers required. 

I wrote lists. 
I wrote observations. 
I wrote expectations. 
I wrote stories.
I wrote.
But, I didn't think of myself as a writer because all my writing was for myself.

One comment from one college professor changed my writing. Upon returning a graded writing assignment to me, he commented, "Reading your writing is just like talking to you. You should write." He actually wrote those words at the top of that paper! I was astounded that my writing could impact someone else. That idea had not occurred to me. I got an "A" on that paper, and that'x exactly when I started writing for the eyes of others.

I still write for myself, but that comment from my professor helped me overcome the fear of exposing my writing to others. It changed my writing forever. To this day, when I am doubting my writing, I think of his comment and it bolsters me up to continue.

What about you? When and why did you start writing? Go back to those roots for a jump start on your writing for 2014. It's amazing how motivating that can be!

Happy Writing

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