Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Fresh!

I love spring right now more than I ever have. Last year, we moved to a warmer climate and not only did I not experience the "winter dread" of Minnesota, I actually enjoyed winter much like I used to when I was younger. Yesterday, after three days of heavy rains (you can see how heavy here), the sun was shining and the air smelled so fresh and clean that my teenage boys commented on how good it smelled when we opened a window. You know if teenage boys notice a fresh smell, it must really be fresh!

In honor of spring and all things fresh, The Total Writer website has a whole new look! I can't say it was because of some spring-like desire to make things fresh. No, I changed it up because my web-hosting situation changed and I had to come up with a new design really fast.

In celebration of this new, updated look, I'm running a special on my book on writing, Write, then Publish. Today! The book is on sale for just 99¢ for a limited time! Take advantage of this offer and get on the path to publication in a flash. This book is based on part one of the writing course Amanda Hocking took from me, just before she launched her first e-book. It wasn't long before she sold one million books!

Happy Writing!

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