Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Close but not Closed?

I took an online quiz on grammar yesterday and was shocked that I missed one answer. I chose to think the proper term is "closed-minded" rather than "close-minded" and that, according to the quiz, is wrong. Hmmm.

I disagree!

We don't say, "He has a close mind to new ideas."
We do say, "He has a closed mind to new ideas."

Dictionaries around the internet list both as valid. Some list closed-minded as a variant of close-minded. There are also discussions that get into much detail about the phrase. I find these discussions quite humorous.

So, but are right. In some part of the English-speaking world, closed-minded is preferred. In other parts, close-minded is the way to go. For me, closed-minded makes more sense because closed is the opposite of open. A person can be open-minded or a person can be closed-minded.

There are many arguments for both versions of this phrase.

You choose.
I won't be closed-minded to your choice.

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