Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Improve Your Writing through Editing

There are many ways to improve as a writer. I've taught many ways myself. You can read to write better. You can write to write better. Did you know you can also edit to write better? Yep, it's true. I recently joined Fiverr as an editor and as I have gotten more and more gigs, I realized that what I'm learning by editing other people's work is actually helping my writing. That's a bonus I did not expect or plan on, but I am pleasantly surprised that it's making such a difference.

Have you considered editing as a tool to improve your own writing? I recently blogged about how I like editing because I get to fix what's wrong. Today, I found another reason to like editing: it improves my own writing skill!

I highly recommend editing as a tool to improve your writing.
Happy Writing!

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