Saturday, November 29, 2014

How Do You Define Success?

As a writer, I am struck by Taylor Swift. Not only does she write all her own lyrics and music, she oversees the production of her albums and videos down to the last detail. In a recent interview, she said that since the songs are hers, she can present them however she chooses. Taylor was the victim of severe bullying in school while growing up. As an artist, she was told she couldn't sing or write. Because she did not define herself by those around her, she didn't listen to her naysayers. She pushed through, wrote songs about those who bullied her, and truly changed the music industry forever. Just this week she topped herself on the charts with singles from her her newest album, 1989. Kudos to Taylor! I admire her for her tenacity to believe in herself and push through to her own success. She was even told to wait till she was 18, but she pushed through, claiming she was ready. Indeed.

I so wish I had learned to think that way as a young woman! She's not the first music artist to do this. Shania Twain shot to stardom when she began to write and sing her own music. She started out singing what other people wrote, but her success came when she began to write her own.

Writers, do it your way. Define your own success. Write what you want. 

So very many artists were told to fold it up and go home. Dr. Seuss was rejected 27 times. C.S. Lewis was rejected 800 times

There are many, many more. 

Define your own success. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Maybe You Haven't Failed Enough

Maybe, just maybe, you need to fail more as a writer. I read this blog post today, 9 Famous Authors Rejected by Publishers, and realized that all the great ones fail, and they usually fail more than once. Read for yourself and find out the astonishing number of times C.S. Lewis was rejected before he was published.

I dare you to keep failing again and again.
Fail your way to sure success. You're in good company