Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Close but not Closed?

I took an online quiz on grammar yesterday and was shocked that I missed one answer. I chose to think the proper term is "closed-minded" rather than "close-minded" and that, according to the quiz, is wrong. Hmmm.

I disagree!

We don't say, "He has a close mind to new ideas."
We do say, "He has a closed mind to new ideas."

Dictionaries around the internet list both as valid. Some list closed-minded as a variant of close-minded. There are also discussions that get into much detail about the phrase. I find these discussions quite humorous.

So, but are right. In some part of the English-speaking world, closed-minded is preferred. In other parts, close-minded is the way to go. For me, closed-minded makes more sense because closed is the opposite of open. A person can be open-minded or a person can be closed-minded.

There are many arguments for both versions of this phrase.

You choose.
I won't be closed-minded to your choice.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Do It!

Just don't do it. Don't use your Facebook personal page for business purposes. Get a Facebook business page instead.

For many of us, social media is the way to get our businesses out there and make them known outside our own neighborhoods. For this reason alone, social media is great. But, we have to be careful not to take advantage of our friends and relatives, on any social media site, by inundating them with ads for our business.

Having a Facebook business page is best for a number of reasons:

* Your audience is choosing to be there when they "like" your business page. This allows you to single them out with ads because they've already shown support and interest through their choice to "like."

* You can be specific in your ads without fear of offending people who are not interested.

* You avoid the awkwardness of people unfriending and/or blocking you. When someone chooses to like a business page, they are letting you know that they support your business and want to get updates and hear about your business.

Soliciting your friends for your business, without giving them the opportunity to opt in or out is akin to talking all about your business at a dinner party. No one wants to hear it.

While your business may be all-important and all-consuming for you, it is not for everyone on your friends list. People have their own lives, their own interests and their own businesses.

So, don't do it. Don't solicit friends on social media through personal pages. Get a business page, a business profile and act like a responsible business person by giving your potential customers and clients options.

Happy Writing!