Monday, December 28, 2015

Here's to Your Writing Success!

There's no reason you can't be the next wildly successful writer and my new e-book will show you how. I'm pretty excited about this new e-book and I hope you'll share my excitement by getting your copy now for the introductory price.

Writing for Publication has been a long time coming in e-book form. I had published a shorter writing book, Write, then Publish. Today, but this new, revised version is the complete course, revised and updated just in time for the new year.

This comprehensive course is an easy-to-read, to-the-point handbook for writers of all genres and all levels. As a private writing coach, I use these step-by-step methods in my coaching....and my students get published.

From an 87-year-old great grandmother who wrote her first article in longhand on the back of a store ad, to a 14-year-old girl who wanted to enter a school writing contest, my students get published and win awards. I've coached pastors who wanted to be published in religious magazines as well as a young widow who wanted to tell her husband's cancer story. I've helped surgical patients tell their stories as a way to help others cope with similar procedures. One such story is being used to this day at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I have many more coaching stories and for them all, I use the methods and tips described in Writing for Publication.

The tips and information in Writing for Publication are helpful no matter what your writing level is or what genre you prefer.

Famed author Amanda Hocking took my classes just before launching her first e-book and she has seen wild success that has gone beyond her imagination. Not only did Amanda sell more than 2 million copies of her e-books, she got a publishing contract and a movie deal.

You, too, can see success. Writing for Publication was written with you in mind. One of my favorite things in life is seeing my students succeed. This is all about your success.

Get your copy today and get started.
Click here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sound Writing Advice from Taylor Swift

This half-hour long video of Taylor Swift meeting with some young kids discussing reading and writing is filled with sound advice for any writer of any genre. Taylor partnered with Scholastic to provide 25,000 new books for NYC schools. Taylor then donated her time to do this webcast with these great kids.

This webcast is worth every minute of it's short 30-minute length and I highly suggest all writers listen to and watch the video

A few of my favorite quotes from the webcast are:

"Journaling is what made me discover that I loved poetry and poetry is so close to song writing in concept."

"Writing your feelings down simplifies them."

"If you make writing something you look forward to, who knows where it will take you?  Who knows if you'll start to think about story lines and you'll decide that you want to write a book someday?"

"There are so many things you can discover about yourself if you write."

If you're a writer now or if you're thinking about writing, you need to watch this video. Pause and repeat. Take notes (I did). 

What amazes me about Taylor Swift is her utter lack of fear. She writes about those who hurt her, turning it into something for her instead of about her. In many ways I've been afraid to write about personal experiences because so many negative, horrible things happened to me in ministry as my husband and I have worked over 32 years for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Maybe other pastor's wives would benefit from knowing they aren't alone in experiencing vicious gossip, slander or people lying to them and about them. Maybe it's time to tell these stories.

Maybe it's high time this little gramma became as fearless as a young song writer who, through comforting herself in her trials, turned it into something amazing that benefits the entire world.

Click here to watch the entire webcast.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What's Your Plan?

Do you have a plan for your writing?
Did you write it down?

One key point I tell my writing students is to have a written plan, much like a business plan, for their writing.

A written plan is so important. In my soon-to-be-published revised edition of my writing book, I go into more detail about this. In a nutshell, this graphic explains why you need a written plan:

There's power in writing something down. Writing it down makes it real and tangible. You can reread it. You can use it to keep you on track. A written goal is more viable. It grows from an idea to a possibility then a reality.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My First-World Life (Thanks to Veterans)

Today as I sit here and enjoy all my first-world privileges, get frustrated about my first-world problems and live in the lap of luxury in a carpeted house with full temperature controls and bathrooms galore and all kinds of entertainment at my fingertips, plenty of food in the house, things to support my hobbies, wifi as a given and stores all around me where I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want, and a car to drive me there and literally lacking nothing at all.....I will bask in my first-world life because of those who served and the so very many who gave their lives so that I can have such a luxurious, plentiful life. 

Yes, I care about those less fortunate in the world and give to missions that take the Gospel of Christ to them (since He is the only way to improvement of their lives), and also take medical services to them, etc. I give to them since I am unable to go myself. 

But, when someone minimizes an American hardship by calling it a first-world problem, I think, yes, that's right....we have first-world problems because we will not stand for anything less than the best because the best of all of us....our veterans....fought, died and gave up everything so that we could live this way. Basking in our first-world problems is a tribute to them because we are the USA and we will not live in a way that would appear to be less than the best because they gave so much for us to do so. So, buy that $5 cup of coffee, get that extra pair of shoes, go for a drive just for the fun of it, live in and enjoy the luxury our veterans bought for you, never forgetting who gave all this to you.

Freedom is Luxury.
Thank you, Veterans,

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Too Late to Wait

I recently met a woman with a story to tell. She found out I'm a writer and began to tell me her story, in a nutshell, and said she'd like to write a book about her story one day. Her story is interesting and intriguing.

I asked, "Why not now?"

She said she was going to wait till her children were out of college and didn't need her so much. Then I dropped a bombshell on her. I said, "It's too late to wait, you've already started," and when she looked at me in surprise, I explained that the thinking process of any book, article or blog post is part of the writing process.

Yes, it's too late to wait; you've already started if you are so much as thinking about writing a book.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why You Need an Editor

You need an editor, even for the smallest communications going out to the public. Whether you are advertising eye exams or cavity protection, a unique product or a much-needed service, your advertising needs editing.

Take this picture for example:

Had this company had an editor, it's highly unlikely they would have spent the money on a poster such as this. Do you see the problem?

Editors find these problems and fix them before they go to print.
Don't be caught without an editor.
You may end up offering services you cannot and don't want to fulfill.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thank You, Professor

I started writing early in life. As a child, I wrote long, elaborate stories while sitting in a hollow tree down by the creek and it was an absolute escape for me. But, it never occurred to me to share that writing with anyone else. I did writing assignments in school with gusto and always got good grades on them, but it still didn't occur to me to write something that anyone else would want to read. My teachers had assigned the writing, so it was their demand I wrote for. I didn't write anything for anyone other than my teachers and myself to read.

Then I got to college and a professor at Summit University (then Baptist Bible College of PA), Glenn Crabb, changed my life. I wrote a paper for his class and I not only got an A on the paper, he wrote a note in red at the top. He simply said, "Reading your writing is just like talking to you. You should write."

I was not used to receiving compliments. His words astounded me, but it took years before I had the nerve to actually submit something I wrote for publication. Finally, I did. I wrote an article called The Oh No Baby! and Regular Baptist Press published it. They have since published many more of my writings, either in their adult take home papers or their magazine, The Baptist Bulletin.

I went on to write about my Victory Over Violence in overcoming the violence I grew up in, as well as a guide for preventing child abuse and several others, including a book on writing based on the courses I taught which helped launch Amanda Hocking's incredible writing success journey.

I love writing. I am a writer.
Getting paid for things I write is absolutely remarkable to me.

Thank you, Mr. Crabb.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How Many Blogs do You Need?

I blog.

I blog about essential oils.

I blog about creativity and photography.

I blog about theology and what the Bible says about life and current events.

I blog about homemaking, getting and staying organized, and show how I organize things.

I blog about cooking (although not very often). 

This morning, my husband called from work, as he usually does, and as we were talking I said, in a rather apologetic way, that I'd started yet another blog, my 6th (My Oily Pursuits). Instead of saying something like "Another?" he said, "Of course! You're a writer!" Total encouragement.

Do you blog? Do you have more than one blog?  I think every writer needs to have a blog and even more than one. Some writers have different pages on one blog. I do that, too, but still have six different blogs. Every writer has to do what works for them, organizing their blog(s) to suit themselves. Having different blogs works for me. What works for you?

In total, I have six different blogs, including this one where I blog about writing. 

Happy Blogging!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Angels in their Midst

Tears in a Bottle is filled with short, easy to read articles that address every day life from the perspective of my personal walk with God. Some articles in Tears in a Bottle were previously published  by Regular Baptist Press, either in their Sunday School adult papers or their magazine, The Baptist Bulletin.

Today's feature article, About Angels, was originally titled Angels in their Midst and was a follow-up article to Letting Go, yesterday's feature article.

About Angels tells how God's angels protected my son and his platoon during the heavy fighting in the Battle of Fallujah. Angels are real. This is not a feel-good fantasy.

Click here for your copy, either Kindle or paperback, today.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's a Mom to do When her Son goes off to War?

Tears in a Bottle is filled with short, easy to read articles that address every day life from the perspective of my personal walk with God. Some articles in Tears in a Bottle were previously published  by Regular Baptist Press, either in their Sunday School adult papers or their magazine, The Baptist Bulletin.

About Letting Go, the second article in Tears in a Bottle, is the very personal story of when one of our sons decided to join the Marine Corps Infantry after 9/11. Just 17-years-old, he saw Ground Zero and felt the Holy Spirit was telling him to do his part to fight terrorism. My struggle with his decision is laid bare in this transparent article. After publication through Regular Baptist Press, this article went on to become a go-to resource for Military Chaplains.

A hard article to write, but an even harder reality to live, find out how God protected my boy while keeping my heart together at the same time.
Get your copy of Tears in a Bottle here. It's available in both Kindle format and paperback.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tears in a Bottle - About Tears

My book, Tears in a Bottle, is filled with short, easy to read articles that address everyday life from the perspective of my personal walk with God. Some articles in Tears in a Bottle were previously published  by Regular Baptist Press, either in their Sunday School adult papers or their magazine, The Baptist Bulletin.

Article one, About Tears, explores what God has to say about tears in His Word. Our tears are so important to God that He puts them in a bottle and writes them in His book. Imagine! Learn more about what God has to say about your tears by clicking here.

This article has been the most-searched of all my articles on e-zine and highly requested since it's original publication in The Baptist Bulletin.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Prevent Your Child from Being a Victim of Abuse

For the past 10 days, I've posted the 10 rules for preventing child abuse in this blog, one rule per day. Today, I'm summarizing and listing all the rules so they are all in one place for you to see.

There are a lot of books on helping children and adults overcome the effects of abuse, but I don't see a lot of books focused on how to prevent abuse in the first place. Prevention is better than recovery. These 10 rules go far in preventing child abuse. While they are not a guarantee, implementing them can make a difference in any child's life because they empower children against abuse. Click here for your copy of Preventing Abused Children.

Rule # 1 - Not every grown up is your boss.
Rule # 2 - Mom is the boss of everybody.
Rule # 3 - It does not take a village, it takes committed parent(s).
Rule # 4 - Women, stop submitting to men who are not your husband.
Rule # 5 - Keep no secrets.
Rule # 6 - Give your kids rules for abductors.
Rule # 7 - Trust your intuition.
Rule # 8 - No means no.
Rule # 9 - You are the boss of your own body.
Rule #10 - Apologize to no one.

Thanks for reading.
Stay strong.
Stop abuse.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rule #10 - Apologize to no one.

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #10 - Apologize to no one.

Women often apologize as a default, as though our very presence requires an apology. This has to stop. If we are the boss of everybody, there is nothing to apologize for.

It's so important to not apologize about how you’re raising your kids. Let them see you be decisive, sure-footed and determined to do what’s best for them no matter what.

Click here to read more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rule #9 - You are the boss of your own body

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #9 - You are the boss of your own body.

Abusers often try to entice children by garnering sympathy for themselves, saying they need a hug or some other affection. Children are generally very compliant with this because they are generous. But, you can teach your child that they don't owe an adult a hug or any other affection that makes them feel funny. Tell them adults can hug trees if they really need a hug.

Click here to read more.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rule #8 - No means No

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #8 - No means no.

This seems so obvious to me, but I've learned that people think no means maybe, or no means talk me into it or no means I want to say no 5 times. In our house, no means no and that's the end of it.

No means no. No is a complete sentence.

Click here to read more.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rule #7 - Trust Your Intuition

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #7 - Trust your intuition.

Intuition is a God-given gift. Trust it. Use it. Don't second guess yourself. Trust your intuition with confidence. If you feel like something is wrong, it probably is.

Click here to read more.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rule #6 - Give your kids rules for abductors

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #6 - Give your kids rules for abductors.

This may sound ludicrous until you realize that a kid with a plan is a powerful thing. Abusers depend on the submission of their victims as well as the power to carry out their plan. They don't usually prepare for someone having a plan of their own. They can sense it like a dog smelling out prey. Equip your kid with rules for abductors and they will be less likely to fall prey,.

Click here to read more.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rule #5 - Preventing Abused Children

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #5 - Keep no secrets.

When an adult tried to have one of my kids keep a secret from me about something they talked about, it quickly came to an end because my child came right to me and I dealt with that adult in a hurry.

No secrets. No exceptions.

Click here to read more.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rule #4 - Preventing Abused Children

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #4 - Women, stop submitting to men who are not your husband.

When kids see their mom being submissive to all men, this sends a strong message that men have some sort of God-given authority over all other people. Ridiculous.

Women, stop it. We have the power to stop submitting to men and it's time we took action on it. Remember, Mom, you are the boss of everybody....including men. Don't fall prey to patriarchal teaching in your church, either.

Click here to read more.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rule #3 - Preventing Abused Children

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #3 - It does not take a village, it takes committed parent(s)

To have a child think that everyone in their village, town or community has parental influence is to widen the opportunity for all abusers to victimize more kids.

Click here to read more.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rule #2 - Mom is the boss of everybody

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #2 - Mom is the boss of everybody.

How empowering for a kid to realize that their mom is the boss of everybody. From the playground supervisor to the crossing guard, from the Drill Instructor to the President, Mom is everybody's boss when it comes to her kids.

Moms, teach your kids that you are the boss of everybody.
Click here to read more.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rule #1 - Preventing Abused Children

Preventing Abused Children is my newest e-book and it consists of 10 rules that can help prevent children from being victims of abuse.

Rule #1 - Not every grown up is your boss

This is vitally important for children to realize. If they think every grown up in the world is their boss simply because they are a grown up, it opens the doors to abuse very widely. Teach your kids that not every grown up is their boss. Teach them the difference between respect and authority.

To read more, click here


Monday, September 7, 2015

New E-Book: Preventing Abused Children

I am launching my newest e-book this week with a 3-day free offer! You can pick up your copy of Preventing Abused Children free for the next three days.

I wrote this e-book because I believe children with a plan for abusers have a much better chance of avoiding abuse. This book gives them a plan through a list of 10 rules that can help prevent abuse.

Abuse happens everywhere. It happens in your church. It happens in your school. It happens in your family. It happens in your neighborhood.

Arm your kids with these rules and they will be less likely to fall victim.

Click here for your free copy.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh, My....Yes, it's Been This Long

I really have been writing all this time.....just not on this blog. I should have been writing here, but let me tell you, cancer changes things. It changes our time availability, our priorities, our focus and our energy. If you don't know, my husband has been battling B-Cell Lymphoma for the past few months. His treatment involved aggressive chemotherapy, twice-daily abdominal shots, weekly visits to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for lab work and complete exhaustion most days after work.
Cancer changes every aspect of your life and your family's life.
This has been the summer of cancer.
I had to let a few things go. Even though I've kept writing, it has been highly affected by his cancer battle.
Tomorrow is a milestone for his cancer, however, as he has his final PET scan to see if the chemo worked. They have given us every reason to expect a good report. They expect him to be cancer-free.
I hope they are right.
We are ready to put this behind us.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still Writing, But...

Yes, The Total Writer is still writing. I am still writing a lot, just not much on this blog. Writing through adversity is necessary and vitally important to how I cope with adversity. Going through trials is not easy. Cancer is hard and seeing a loved one struggle through it is not a picnic. I have written many notes and journal pieces on this journey of ours, but sometimes it's hard to put it into organized writing.

There are so many twists and turns, blessings and road blocks, down times and up times and times when we, ourselves, don't have the right words to express what we are going through, let alone have the energy to say it out loud or write it down.

There are times when there's nothing to do but wait. We wait on lab results, wait for the chemo drugs to infuse, wait for the doctor to call back about this or that, and wait for traffic, appointments, answers, pharmacies, phone calls, nurses, emails, etc. The list of things we now wait for is endless. I believe there is strength in the wait.

Through all the hardship of this disease and all its trappings, there are blessings, though. We find ourselves amazingly grateful for the smallest things. Then we are reminded that it's these small things that make up life.

Like when a couple of guys let me cut into a really long line at the hospital cafeteria.
And when the massage therapist who serves cancer patients offers me a free massage, too.
When a friend just listens and doesn't use our story as an opportunity to tell their own.
When a doctor goes out of her way to secure necessary drugs through a grant we didn't know existed.
When a friend emails or calls just to check up on me.
When financial needs are met through completely unexpected sources.
When people we've never met send us messages that they're praying for us because they heard about us through a mutual friend.
When something goes terribly wrong and we are suddenly covered with a peace that truly passes all understanding and certainly goes beyond explanation.

I could go on. We have so much to be thankful for.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.
Carrying on,

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Writing Through Adversity

I read a few tips on writing from J.R.R. Tolkien today and this one, "Keep writing, even through adversity," really spoke to me because our family is facing a time of great adversity. 19 days ago, a large tumor was discovered at the base of my husband's spine. It turned out to be cancer and quickly turned our lives upside down. You can read more of that story here, on another one of my blogs.

Yesterday, I posted on The Total Writer's Facebook page that I'm taking a hiatus from writing in order to deal with my husband's cancer. Well, today, I'm discovering that I can't keep to that. I can't not write. I need to write and was feeling very much like I needed to write, but felt guilty as though, somehow, my writing was an invalid distraction to the cancer and all it entails.

But, today, I no longer feel that way. I realized, through reading J.R.R. Tolkien's tip to write through adversity, that writing through his cancer is actually a good, viable, acceptable activity. Not only does writing help me express what I'm feeling, it also helps articulate my husband's feelings. He has so often told me to write and keep on writing.

So, my hiatus from writing is hereby canceled. I may not be able to be consistent, but I was hardly consistent before his cancer.

Expect more. I will write my way through this cancer. It's God's gift to me to be able to write.
So, I'll be seeing you between the lines and portions of this journey will be scattered throughout my writings in the coming months.

A friend has set up a Gofundme account to help us with the ever-mounting medical, prescription and travel costs associated with this. Click here for that.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coaching 101

As a published writer, one of my interests is coaching other writers. I thoroughly enjoy coaching writers who are serious about getting published.

While I love coaching, I suspect the person being coached isn't having as much fun as I. When I coach writers, one of my jobs is to tell them what's wrong with their writing. While hearing tough, honest criticism can be hard, it's also vitally important.

Coaching is somewhat like editing, but more style than content is edited. For example, I recently coached a man whose initial writing was filled with sarcasm and guilt-provoking thoughts that would not get his point across, but would likely offend his intended target audience. I told him sarcasm does not sell; that he needed to say things in a different way or risk having his publisher throw it away without a second glance.

He revised his work, twice, and I'm happy to report that he got the piece published!

I was privileged to coach an elderly woman who had never been published before. She wrote her story out in long hand, on the back of a store ad, and gave it to me to see if I could "do anything with it" for her. Not only did I put it into a word document, I coached her on how to make it appeal to her intended publisher. She not only got that piece published, she went on to publish another, larger, piece. I was thrilled for her. She was 84 years old and being published for the very first time! Talk about thrilling!

How about you? Do you need a little coaching on the side?  Contact me here and I'll help you get published, too.  The vast majority of my students get published or have great success in self-publishing. Amanda Hocking is my most famous student, and there are many more.

My rates are reasonable and my results are beyond expectation.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Write How You Talk

We all talk funny. The English language is full of idioms and words with double meanings. Different parts of the country use words differently as well. When we write for publication, however, we are writing for a much broader audience than most of us talk to. If we publish a blog post, it has potential to be read across the world, not just by the people in our state or county here in the USA.

In light of this, I teach my writing students to never write how they talk. We have to write in a more uniform way in order to be understood by the most readers. We don't want our readers to have to work at reading our writing; it needs to flow effortlessly. If you write how you talk, it will not flow effortlessly for the reader, even if it seems to for you as the writer.

The bottom line is that writing for publication means you write for others, not yourself. Your motivation does not have to change, you can still get your point across, but you need to do it in the best way possible.

Here's an example:

Harry thought that he could go to the store and get all of his groceries in one trip without having any problems with traffic.

Rewritten, it looks like this:

Harry thought he could go to the store and get all his groceries in one trip, avoiding traffic problems.

I eliminated "that" and "of" from the first sentence and streamlined the comment about traffic, making it flow better.

Write how the reader will better understand, not how you talk. We use "that" and "of" quite often when we talk, but we can eliminate them in 99% of our writing.

When we talk, we use voice inflections and body language to help express our thoughts. In writing, we don't have voice inflections or body language to depend on, so we must make sure our writing, itself, is clear, free from assumed understanding, yet not cluttered.

Write well.
Write often.
Just write.

Monday, February 16, 2015

STOP! Don't Do It!

STOP right there in your tracks! You've written a great piece, whether it's a blog post or the next great American novel, and you're ready to publish.

STOP! Don't do it! Have your work edited first. While many writers feel this step is bothersome, it's the most worthwhile step, next to your actual writing, that you can take. An independent editor is best because they bring an objective eye to your writing.

Where can you find an independent editor? One of the best ways to find your editor is through Fiverr. Fiverr is a great no-commitment way to find your best editor. Test a few editors out on small jobs before you hire any for a bigger one. This will give you a chance to gauge their work to see if you're compatible. Not every editor is compatible with every writer. Test the waters before you plunge too deeply to make a change.

So, this is your tip for today....STOP in your tracks and hire an independent editor.

Your readers will thank you.
Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

For the Love of Writing (On Valentine's Day)

I'm not only a writer, I am also a professional editor. As an editor, I often warn my clients about my frequent brutality when it comes to editing their work. I tell them they can't take it personally when I turn their lovingly slaved-over documents into marked-up-with-red, messy works that need fixing. But, I do it all in their best interest. I do it for them so they don't publish something that makes them look like an idiot. The public isn't very forgiving when it comes to bad writing. People just move on and don't read bad writing.

I read this article today on The Writer's Circle and I find this to be solid, good advice. I use all these filters, and more, when I write and when I edit. I like all the points in this article and they would be helpful for any writer. Enjoy!

For the love of writing on this Valentine's Day,

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is My Keyboard Magical?

Writing is like performing magic. I often start out with one thought in mind and, while I write, other thoughts come and begin to flow like a river and this will sometimes change my writing completely. I experienced this the other day while writing a post for one of my other blogs, The Priscilla Principle Blog.

One of my goals for The Priscilla Principle Blog is to help people read and interpret the Bible for themselves. I do this partially by blogging about how the Bible impacts my life. I help many people who are victims of spiritual abuse and I like putting a stop to spiritual abuse. As I wrote that post the other day, my thoughts grew and the post took a shape of its own, which changed even the title. When I reread what I'd written, I surprised even myself because my thoughts were not as articulate in my head as they turned out in the blog post.

Is it my keyboard? Is it magical? Or is there something simply magical about writing?

For some of us, writing is more than just sharing ideas or getting information across. It's a passion. It's a need to not only get an idea or information across, but the need for a voice.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.
And feel the magic.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Everyone Writes

Everyone writes, every day. Whether it's a Facebook status update, a tweet on twitter, a blog, a thank-you note, a recipe or a list, everyone I know writes and they do it daily. Did you know that writing for publication is different than any of this other writing?

Writing for publication is different because you are suddenly writing for someone else, not just yourself. You switch from simply getting your point across or your information shared to making it sell, and that's an entirely different ball game.

Learn how to write for publication with my e-book, Write, Then Publish. Today. You will learn why writing for publication is different and the steps you can take to make your writing appealing to publishers or e-readers.

Click here to download the book today!

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I've Been Thinking.....

I haven't posted on my writer's blog for nearly a month. That is very irresponsible, but I do have a good reason. After the busy holiday time, one of our sons and his wife came to visit us for 2 solid weeks! So, I was busy hanging out with them and didn't do much blogging. I love family time and it's a high priority in my life.

I did do some writing while they visited, though. I posted on one of my other blogs and also sold an article to Regular Baptist Press. I've been a regular, contributing writer for RBP for over 25 years now.

My break from blogging is over, however, so I'm back at it today with a plan to continue. One of the things I love about blogging is that it can be made to fit any schedule. That works for me.

During this brief break from blogging, I continued to read, write and think about my writing projects. Thinking is one of the most critical parts of my personal writing process. I can think about an article, project or e-book so much that when it comes time to write it, it's done in a flash. Most of the articles I sell are written in 20 minutes or less, but the time I've put into thinking it through is immeasurable.

Do you think before you write?
Write well.
Write often.
Just write.