Monday, January 26, 2015

I've Been Thinking.....

I haven't posted on my writer's blog for nearly a month. That is very irresponsible, but I do have a good reason. After the busy holiday time, one of our sons and his wife came to visit us for 2 solid weeks! So, I was busy hanging out with them and didn't do much blogging. I love family time and it's a high priority in my life.

I did do some writing while they visited, though. I posted on one of my other blogs and also sold an article to Regular Baptist Press. I've been a regular, contributing writer for RBP for over 25 years now.

My break from blogging is over, however, so I'm back at it today with a plan to continue. One of the things I love about blogging is that it can be made to fit any schedule. That works for me.

During this brief break from blogging, I continued to read, write and think about my writing projects. Thinking is one of the most critical parts of my personal writing process. I can think about an article, project or e-book so much that when it comes time to write it, it's done in a flash. Most of the articles I sell are written in 20 minutes or less, but the time I've put into thinking it through is immeasurable.

Do you think before you write?
Write well.
Write often.
Just write.

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