Saturday, February 14, 2015

For the Love of Writing (On Valentine's Day)

I'm not only a writer, I am also a professional editor. As an editor, I often warn my clients about my frequent brutality when it comes to editing their work. I tell them they can't take it personally when I turn their lovingly slaved-over documents into marked-up-with-red, messy works that need fixing. But, I do it all in their best interest. I do it for them so they don't publish something that makes them look like an idiot. The public isn't very forgiving when it comes to bad writing. People just move on and don't read bad writing.

I read this article today on The Writer's Circle and I find this to be solid, good advice. I use all these filters, and more, when I write and when I edit. I like all the points in this article and they would be helpful for any writer. Enjoy!

For the love of writing on this Valentine's Day,

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