Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is My Keyboard Magical?

Writing is like performing magic. I often start out with one thought in mind and, while I write, other thoughts come and begin to flow like a river and this will sometimes change my writing completely. I experienced this the other day while writing a post for one of my other blogs, The Priscilla Principle Blog.

One of my goals for The Priscilla Principle Blog is to help people read and interpret the Bible for themselves. I do this partially by blogging about how the Bible impacts my life. I help many people who are victims of spiritual abuse and I like putting a stop to spiritual abuse. As I wrote that post the other day, my thoughts grew and the post took a shape of its own, which changed even the title. When I reread what I'd written, I surprised even myself because my thoughts were not as articulate in my head as they turned out in the blog post.

Is it my keyboard? Is it magical? Or is there something simply magical about writing?

For some of us, writing is more than just sharing ideas or getting information across. It's a passion. It's a need to not only get an idea or information across, but the need for a voice.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.
And feel the magic.

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