Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oh, My....Yes, it's Been This Long

I really have been writing all this time.....just not on this blog. I should have been writing here, but let me tell you, cancer changes things. It changes our time availability, our priorities, our focus and our energy. If you don't know, my husband has been battling B-Cell Lymphoma for the past few months. His treatment involved aggressive chemotherapy, twice-daily abdominal shots, weekly visits to The Johns Hopkins Hospital for lab work and complete exhaustion most days after work.
Cancer changes every aspect of your life and your family's life.
This has been the summer of cancer.
I had to let a few things go. Even though I've kept writing, it has been highly affected by his cancer battle.
Tomorrow is a milestone for his cancer, however, as he has his final PET scan to see if the chemo worked. They have given us every reason to expect a good report. They expect him to be cancer-free.
I hope they are right.
We are ready to put this behind us.

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