Friday, September 18, 2015

Prevent Your Child from Being a Victim of Abuse

For the past 10 days, I've posted the 10 rules for preventing child abuse in this blog, one rule per day. Today, I'm summarizing and listing all the rules so they are all in one place for you to see.

There are a lot of books on helping children and adults overcome the effects of abuse, but I don't see a lot of books focused on how to prevent abuse in the first place. Prevention is better than recovery. These 10 rules go far in preventing child abuse. While they are not a guarantee, implementing them can make a difference in any child's life because they empower children against abuse. Click here for your copy of Preventing Abused Children.

Rule # 1 - Not every grown up is your boss.
Rule # 2 - Mom is the boss of everybody.
Rule # 3 - It does not take a village, it takes committed parent(s).
Rule # 4 - Women, stop submitting to men who are not your husband.
Rule # 5 - Keep no secrets.
Rule # 6 - Give your kids rules for abductors.
Rule # 7 - Trust your intuition.
Rule # 8 - No means no.
Rule # 9 - You are the boss of your own body.
Rule #10 - Apologize to no one.

Thanks for reading.
Stay strong.
Stop abuse.

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