Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's a Mom to do When her Son goes off to War?

Tears in a Bottle is filled with short, easy to read articles that address every day life from the perspective of my personal walk with God. Some articles in Tears in a Bottle were previously published  by Regular Baptist Press, either in their Sunday School adult papers or their magazine, The Baptist Bulletin.

About Letting Go, the second article in Tears in a Bottle, is the very personal story of when one of our sons decided to join the Marine Corps Infantry after 9/11. Just 17-years-old, he saw Ground Zero and felt the Holy Spirit was telling him to do his part to fight terrorism. My struggle with his decision is laid bare in this transparent article. After publication through Regular Baptist Press, this article went on to become a go-to resource for Military Chaplains.

A hard article to write, but an even harder reality to live, find out how God protected my boy while keeping my heart together at the same time.
Get your copy of Tears in a Bottle here. It's available in both Kindle format and paperback.

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