Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thank You, Professor

I started writing early in life. As a child, I wrote long, elaborate stories while sitting in a hollow tree down by the creek and it was an absolute escape for me. But, it never occurred to me to share that writing with anyone else. I did writing assignments in school with gusto and always got good grades on them, but it still didn't occur to me to write something that anyone else would want to read. My teachers had assigned the writing, so it was their demand I wrote for. I didn't write anything for anyone other than my teachers and myself to read.

Then I got to college and a professor at Summit University (then Baptist Bible College of PA), Glenn Crabb, changed my life. I wrote a paper for his class and I not only got an A on the paper, he wrote a note in red at the top. He simply said, "Reading your writing is just like talking to you. You should write."

I was not used to receiving compliments. His words astounded me, but it took years before I had the nerve to actually submit something I wrote for publication. Finally, I did. I wrote an article called The Oh No Baby! and Regular Baptist Press published it. They have since published many more of my writings, either in their adult take home papers or their magazine, The Baptist Bulletin.

I went on to write about my Victory Over Violence in overcoming the violence I grew up in, as well as a guide for preventing child abuse and several others, including a book on writing based on the courses I taught which helped launch Amanda Hocking's incredible writing success journey.

I love writing. I am a writer.
Getting paid for things I write is absolutely remarkable to me.

Thank you, Mr. Crabb.


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