Friday, November 20, 2015

Sound Writing Advice from Taylor Swift

This half-hour long video of Taylor Swift meeting with some young kids discussing reading and writing is filled with sound advice for any writer of any genre. Taylor partnered with Scholastic to provide 25,000 new books for NYC schools. Taylor then donated her time to do this webcast with these great kids.

This webcast is worth every minute of it's short 30-minute length and I highly suggest all writers listen to and watch the video

A few of my favorite quotes from the webcast are:

"Journaling is what made me discover that I loved poetry and poetry is so close to song writing in concept."

"Writing your feelings down simplifies them."

"If you make writing something you look forward to, who knows where it will take you?  Who knows if you'll start to think about story lines and you'll decide that you want to write a book someday?"

"There are so many things you can discover about yourself if you write."

If you're a writer now or if you're thinking about writing, you need to watch this video. Pause and repeat. Take notes (I did). 

What amazes me about Taylor Swift is her utter lack of fear. She writes about those who hurt her, turning it into something for her instead of about her. In many ways I've been afraid to write about personal experiences because so many negative, horrible things happened to me in ministry as my husband and I have worked over 32 years for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Maybe other pastor's wives would benefit from knowing they aren't alone in experiencing vicious gossip, slander or people lying to them and about them. Maybe it's time to tell these stories.

Maybe it's high time this little gramma became as fearless as a young song writer who, through comforting herself in her trials, turned it into something amazing that benefits the entire world.

Click here to watch the entire webcast.

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