Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Out of Touch, Out of Commission

Hello, all who read this little blog. I have been out of touch because I have been out of commission. I did post a couple important blog posts on one of my other blogs, but have not posted here for a few reasons, including a fractured thumb. It's very hard to type with a brace on my hand. My writing has taken a severe hit due to this thumb. It's still swollen, but I'm back to work here.

Today, I started working with a new writing client and she said she had no time for writing, but wanted to write about something that's very important to her. I told her she's already started because she's thinking about it and thinking about it is a step in the writing process.

This was a game changer for her and she realized she had been documenting things in writing, giving her starting process a kick into high gear.

Are you thinking of starting a writing project but don't think you have time?

Think again.
You've already started.

Write well.
Write often.
Just write.