Thursday, October 27, 2016

Overcoming Failure - Part 3

If you're a writer or even an aspiring writer, you might already know that failure is an inevitable part of being a writer. Knowing this ahead of time can help when the failure comes. And it will come.

One sure fire way to overcome failure is one simple practice:

Keep writing.

That's it. Just keep writing. 

Famed author Amanda Hocking did just that. When she took my writing class, she had a thick file of rejection letters and they kept coming during the time she took the class. What did Amanda do as a result? She wrote more books. By the time she e-published, she had 17 finished novels. Now, because of her e-publishing success, she is an international sensation with book and movie deals that scream her success.

She started out failing.
She kept writing.
She saw success.

That's a simple formula.
It will work for you, too.

Keep writing.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Overcoming Failure - Part 2

Every writer fails, no matter how successful they are. In my book, Writing for Publication, I talk about failure, how it's inevitable and how to overcome it as a writer.

Today, I'm sharing my second point on how to overcome failure and rejection as a writer. I think of this point as logic at work.

Don't let rejection slow you down.

Realize and accept that rejection is part of the job of writing for publication.

If you accept this, it will not surprise you when it happens.

It's a given, par for the course.

It truly cannot be avoided.

What you need to do is file the rejection away....

then keep writing without missing a beat.

There will more on this in my next post and point 3 goes along with this point very well. I have been a regular writer for one publishing house for over 27 years, yet I still get rejected by them from time to time. I don't care. If one article is rejected by one arm of the company, I submit it to another. If they reject it, I'll submit it elsewhere or publish it on Ezine or one of my blogs. Not every submission if viable for every publishing house every time. 

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Overcoming Failure - Part 1

Every writer has failures. Without exception. Dr. Seuss was rejected 27 times before he was finally able to get And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street published by Vanguard Press in 1937.  Search other famous authors and you will find they were all rejected at some point. Famed author Amanda Hocking came to my writing class with a thick folder full of rejection letters. When she, in class, learned about self-publishing and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, she published her own work. Soon, after selling over 1 million copies, she got the attention of some of the largest publishing houses.

Then they fought for her.
They could fight for you one day.

In my book, Writing for Publication, I give 6 ways to overcome rejection and failure in your writing. My next 6 blog posts will each highlight one of these techniques.

Appreciate your Own Talent

If you know you are a good writer
if you have something valid to say, 
appreciate that in yourself.

Self-appreciation comes across to others as confidence.

Appreciating and having confidence in your talent 
is not boastful or prideful, 
it's honest and real.

Appreciate Yourself.

Write Often.
Write Well.
Just Write.