Thursday, October 27, 2016

Overcoming Failure - Part 3

If you're a writer or even an aspiring writer, you might already know that failure is an inevitable part of being a writer. Knowing this ahead of time can help when the failure comes. And it will come.

One sure fire way to overcome failure is one simple practice:

Keep writing.

That's it. Just keep writing. 

Famed author Amanda Hocking did just that. When she took my writing class, she had a thick file of rejection letters and they kept coming during the time she took the class. What did Amanda do as a result? She wrote more books. By the time she e-published, she had 17 finished novels. Now, because of her e-publishing success, she is an international sensation with book and movie deals that scream her success.

She started out failing.
She kept writing.
She saw success.

That's a simple formula.
It will work for you, too.

Keep writing.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

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