Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Overcoming Failure - Part 4

The inevitable failure we face as writers should not be what defines us as writers. We write, we fail, we write some more. I never really consider failure something to slow me down. By failure, I'm talking about failure to see publication. We can be highly successful writers if all we do is write; if that's our only motivation. But, getting published is another story and we all face the failure of not getting published, of being rejected by a publisher.

I was recently asked to write an article on a specific topic. We signed a contract and I wrote the article. In the meantime, the publisher changed staff and the editor I'd been working with was no longer there. Even though I had a contract, they rejected my article. I'm still going to get paid for writing it, but they are not going to publish the article.

I believe in this article; I am looking for another outlet in which to publish it. I've already sent it to another editor. This leads me to the 4th part of overcoming failure:

Realize your own Potential

While this may appear to echo appreciating your talent, which I blogged about here, it's deeper. Many of my writing students look at the list of names of successful writers at the beginning of my writing course and tell me they could never be like them. My response is a resounding, "Why not? Someone has to be the next famously successful  author - and you are someone!"

No one person is more important than another. Success is not sitting back waiting for anyone specific. You get to decide your success. You get to determine your future in writing Once you realize your potential, you will look at success differently. Even if you have never thought you could be successful, realizing your potential will open success up for you in ways you never expected.

Realizing your potential is key. Realize it, act on it, success follows. Every time.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

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