Thursday, January 19, 2017

How My Crafting Helps My Writing

I am a wife. I am a mom. I am a writer. I am a crafter. My favorite craft is paper crafting. My second favorite is drawing. Even that involves paper. As does my writing.

When I craft, I think. 
When I think, I write. 
When I write, I get published. 
When I get published, I earn money. 

It nearly always starts with crafting for me. 

As I've taught my writing students, thinking is a huge part of writing. I've spent weeks thinking about things I've written before I finally sat down and wrote them. Funny thing is, when I spend so much time thinking about writing, before I even write, when it's time to write those thoughts down, they are usually written within 20 minutes and these are the ones most purchased by a publisher.

So, whenever I'm in my studio making pretty paper crafts, I'm actually working on a writing project.

Write often.
Write well.
Just write.

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